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Storm Safety

While Versant Power delivers power more than 99.96% of the time, power outages can and do occur for a variety of reasons. Most outages tend to be localized and we are able to restore power quickly. However, if a widespread outage does occur, it will most likely be due to extreme weather conditions. The line work our crews perform is dangerous and is made more so by working in the midst of extreme weather, especially for extended periods of time. Under these circumstances, it is impossible for our line crews to restore power to everyone at once.


Always Put Safety First

Most power outages occur because power lines are brought down (shorted to ground) by tree limbs or vehicle accidents. If you see a downed power line, stay away! You should never touch it or attempt to move it. If a line falls on your car, stay there until we make sure it is safe for you to get out.


Call Us to Report Power Outages and Dangerous Situations

Call Versant Power’s Customer Contact Center to report a power outage, downed line or other power emergency at 1-855-363-7211 or (207) 973-2000. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone service allows customers to report power outages and hear updates about known system outages without waiting for a representative to become available to take your call.

If a special circumstance requires you to speak to a customer service representatives, please be patient. During a major outage, we call in extra staff and open up additional phone lines. Even then, our phone lines can sometimes become overloaded. Please keep trying; your call is important and helps us identify the sources of power outages.


Emergency Generators

If your home is equipped with an emergency generator, we urge you to ensure that it is safely installed and operated. Improper installation and/or operation can create life-threatening hazards for our crews and for you, for which you can be held liable.


Be Prepared

  • Keep flashlights with fresh batteries for all home occupants.
  • Keep a battery-operated radio with fresh batteries handy.
  • If you are not connected to a public water supply, make sure you have a supply of clean water available.
  • Keep some easy-to-make nonperishable food items in your home.
  • If you have a secondary heating system that is not dependent upon electricity, make sure it is in good working order with an adequate fuel supply.

What Happens at Versant Power During An Outage?

When an outage is reported to our Customer Contact Center, our customer service representatives report the outage to our dispatchers. During a major outage, while our line crews are at work, we send additional staff to find the sources of each outage and determine what repairs are needed. This allows us to dispatch line crews according to our restoration priority system and with the necessary equipment and resources to complete the repairs.

Restoration follows a priority system that targets restoration of the transmission system first (the backbone of our electrical system) then targets emergency services, hospitals and nursing homes. After this, local distribution feeders are repaired based on the number of homes and businesses affected.

After notifying our dispatchers of a power outage, our Customer Contact Center receives periodic updates regarding the status of the restoration work.


Stay Informed

During an outage, Versant Power will provide restoration updates to local broadcast stations. Be sure to tune in to your local radio station, television station or news website for power restoration and safety updates. You can also access this information at Versant Power.com.