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New Meters

Versant Power is installing new metering equipment for all residential, small and medium commercial customers. New meters will:

  • Ensure customers can access timely, detailed information about their electricity usage.
  • Help Versant Power identify outages and power issues more quickly.
  • Allow us to connect or disconnect your meter remotely.

We are replacing your meter because our current metering systems are reaching the end of their useful life. You will not incur any surcharges for this new meter.

 Customers will receive a notification letter about 30 days before we begin meter replacement work in your area. You will also receive a phone call about 7 days before your new meter is installed.

 Here’s what you can expect:

  • You don’t need to be home for us to do this work as long as we have safe and clear access to the meter. Please remove any physical barriers that prevent a meter exchange.
  • A technician will knock on your door before starting any work.
  • Meter installers will have Aclara and/or Versant Power logos on their uniforms, badges and trucks.
  • In most cases, the exchange will take less than 10 minutes.
  • You will experience a brief power interruption, in most cases about a minute. If you have any critical equipment that requires constant power, please double-check to make sure that your back-up power supply is working properly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • We will leave a doorhanger indicating if we were able to successfully replace your meter.

 Have more questions? Check out our Q&A below. And as always, please get in touch with our Customer Contact Center at (207) 973-2000 or [email protected] if you have other questions or concerns. We’re proud to serve you and we appreciate your cooperation as we work to provide the best possible service now and in the future. 


What makes my new meter advanced, and how is it different than the one I have today?

Your new advanced meter, also referred to as a smart meter, will send data to us through a secure radio frequency network.

Most customers in the Bangor Hydro District have an earlier form of advanced metering infrastructure.

Customers in the Maine Public District have older automated meter reading technology, which sends us electricity usage data over power lines, only has one-way communication capability, and doesn’t allow you to receive timely, detailed information about your electricity usage.


How will the new advanced meter collect and transmit data?

Your new advanced meter has components that will monitor and store electricity usage data and other monitored events. The electricity usage data and monitored events are sent to us through a secure radio frequency network.


When will the new advanced meters be installed?

Installation began in 2022.


Who will install the new meters?

Versant Power and Aclara Technologies, our authorized contractor, will be installing the new meters.


Will the new advanced meter affect my service?

No. Your new advanced meter will have no impact on your service or your account number. You will experience a brief interruption in service when your meter is installed.

On your first bill statement after your meter exchange, you may see separate charges for electricity use measured by your old meter and your new meter.


Will I have to be present during installation?

You do not need to be present during installation. A doorhanger noting that the installation is complete or was unable to be completed will be left on your door.


What if I don’t want this new advanced meter?

If you prefer not to receive a new advanced meter that communicates directly with us:

  • You have the option to opt out.
  • However, please be aware that we will still replace your existing meter with a non-communicating meter, which will require us to travel to your location to manually read your meter.
  • If you opt out, you will incur a one-time installation fee and a recurring monthly meter reading fee in addition to regular monthly charges.
  • You will receive a notification letter about 30 days before we begin meter replacement work in your area.
  • If you prefer to opt out, you may do so at that time. Here’s how:
    1.      Call us to request to opt out. We will send you an opt-out form or direct you to fill out the form available online.
    2.      You can use this link to fill out the online opt out form after you’ve called into Versant Power and requested to opt out.
    3.      You will receive an application in the mail.
    4.      Return your completed form by mail or online within 11 business days.
  • To keep opt-out costs as low as possible, the Maine Public Utilities Commission requires us to read your meter every other month and estimate your electricity use during months when we don’t read your meter.
  • We won’t be able to remotely detect if you are experiencing a power outage or any other problem, so if your power goes out, you must call us or report it online.

What are the fees to opt out?

If you opt out:

  • You will incur a one-time installation fee of $23.82 and a recurring monthly fee of $11.45 for us to send someone to read your meter.
  • If you participate in our Low Income Assistance Program, you will receive a 50% discount on your one-time fee and your monthly fee.
    • Your one-time fee will be $11.91 and your monthly fee will be $5.73.
You will also be responsible for a charge of $23.82 if your service is terminated or reconnected, in addition to regular establishment, connection and/or disconnection fees.


If you’re only going to read my meter every other month, why do I incur a monthly charge?

The monthly fee reflects the cost of visiting your home to read your meter every other month. The Maine Public Utilities Commission requires us to read your meter every other month only to keep opt-out costs as low as possible.


Why is there a one-time installation fee and a recurring fee?

We developed a strategic process to install new advanced meters for residential and small commercial meters across both operating regions. Non-communicating meters are not part of that process and require separate coordination. To accommodate those who choose to opt out, we must charge a one-time installation fee. Since opt-out meters can’t communicate directly with us, we must travel to your location to do manual meter reads. Due to this manual intervention, we must charge a recurring meter reading fee, which was approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.


What if I don’t give you access to change out my meter?

If you refuse the new meter on the day of your installation, the technician will provide you with information about the opt-out process. If you request to opt out, you must give us access to your meter so we can install the new non-communicating meter.


What other impacts are there of opting out of an advanced meter?

You will not receive real-time, detailed information about your electricity use, and we will not be able to remotely detect if you are experiencing a power outage or any other problem. If your power goes out, you will need to call us or report it online.


If I change my mind and decide to opt in to receiving an advanced meter later, will I need to pay any installation fees?

No. If you choose to opt in and receive an advanced meter in the future, we will make the change at no charge to you.


If I am an opt out customer and I move to a new premise, will I need to pay the one-time installation fee again for another opt out meter?

Yes. If you chose to opt out at your new location, you will need to pay the one-time installation fee for the non-communicating meter again. You will also continue to incur a recurring fee for us to travel to your location and manually read your meter.


Is my new advanced meter data secure?

Your new advanced meter is proven technology and is safe and secure. The data is encrypted and transmitted to Versant Power over a secure network.


Do the new advanced meters emit radio frequency?

Our new advanced meters use very low-level radio-frequency (RF) signals, the same form of wireless technology used by cellphones, WiFi networks, and televisions. The advanced meters emit lower level of radio frequency strength compared with other common household devices (see graphic below). New advanced meters emit safe RF levels in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines.



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