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Understanding Your Bill

A New Bill Design is here!

This new design was created with customer involvement and feedback at every step - hearing from you what is important and creating a design based on those details.

This new design is:

Easy to read - with more color, updated graphics, and design elements to guide you
Made for you - giving more explanation specific to your bill and any programs you are enrolled in
Simple to understand - easily breaking down how your bill is calculated, what your costs mean, and key takeaways

Below, you can find the new design and answers to common questions.

The New Design

Click on the Information icons in the sample bill to learn more about the new design. Find examples for specialized bills, like Net Energy Billing or Budget Billing on the right side panel.

As a reminder, please include all 16 digits of your account number and the check digit when making a payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Additional Variations

Net Energy Billing
Budget Billing 
Payment Arrangements
Multiple Meters

Frequently Asked Questions


Why has the bill design been changed?

We heard from customers that the old bill design was not very user friendly. We wanted to create an updated design that is easy to read and clear to understand, for all customers. We held interviews, focus groups, and surveys with customers to create this new design.


The design changed in 2021 for me. Why is it changing again?

In 2021, customers in northern Maine, who are a part of our Maine Public District operating region, were brought onto the same systems that are used for our Bangor Hydro District operating region. As a part of that change, northern Maine customers began receiving the same bill design that Bangor Hydro customers have been receiving for years - leaving one design for all of our customers. This newest bill design is a replacement of that previous design.

What is new on this bill?

This new bill has an updated look and contains more information about your usage, but there is no change to your charges, how they are calculated or what you owe.

The new design changes how information on the bill is presented and organized, making the most important information easier to find and understand. We’ve grouped charges by category, added simple breakdowns for how they are calculated and included explanations of their meaning. We’ve also added color and other design elements to highlight the most important detail and for easier comparisons to previous months, like if your usage has increased or decreased.

The new design also includes components specialized for specific programs. For instance, those on Net Energy Billing, including subscribers to Community Solar, can see their historic credits and overall credit balance, how many new credits were earned, and how they are applied to their bill. For those on Budget Billing, the bill will break out your Budget Billing Monthly Payment and how that amount was calculated. And those with multiple meters can view their historic costs for the past year as well as their historic energy usage per meter.


Do I need to do anything differently because of the new bill design?

Not at all. Later this year, you will receive your normally monthly bill with this new design. The new bill design does not impact how you receive your bill, how your charges are calculated, or how you make your payments. You can continue to pay through the same methods as with the previous design.

When is the new design being released?

The new design is launching in November and December 2022. You should expect to start receiving your bill with the new design soon.


Where can I find more details about the rates used in the calculations on the bill?

All of the information about rate plans and how charges are calculated are included in the Rate Schedules for each rate plan. They can be found at https://www.versantpower.com/residential/rates/rates-schedules/ or for commercial https://www.versantpower.com/business/rates/rates-schedules/


I have another question not listed here.

Please reach out to our Contact Center at (207) 973-2000 or Toll Free US & Canada at 1-855-363-7211. We are happy to address any questions you have about your bill or the new design.

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Versant Power provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

            The Bangor Hydro District includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties and most of Penobscot County.
            The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

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