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View Your Electricity Use

*This content is currently applicable to customers in the Bangor Hydro District only.

Customers enrolled in Online Services can access detailed information to help manage electricity use.

If you’re a residential customer, you can view your use by hour, day, month or year. You can also see how your energy use compares with similar homes and view tips to save energy.

In addition to this information available through your Online Services portal, you can sign up for Weekly Energy Updates and High Bill Alerts via email. To see your options, just click on “Manage Usage Alerts” when viewing your Usage.

If you’re a business customer, PowerSmart Maine Online is your free online tool that allows you to track how much energy you use and when you use it. PowerSmart Maine Online puts you in control of your electricity usage and helps you make more informed energy choices.

This tool provides customers with easy and secure access to their energy usage by the month, week, day, or hour. You also can download up to 13 months of hourly usage information in a spreadsheet. Read the PowerSmart Maine Online Quick Guide.

You can also contact us for information related to your energy use.

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Maine Public Service District Bangor Hydro District


Versant Power provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

            The Bangor Hydro District includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties and most of Penobscot County.
            The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

Because some information varies by District, please identify your District on the map above, or enter your town or zipcode. If you need information on both Districts,  switch back and forth at any time by selecting the district selector button.

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